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Fox Valley Physical Therapy & Wellness Clinic | Therapist Oshkosh


Fox Valley Physical Therapy is a therapist owned, independent outpatient orthopedic clinic serving Oshkosh and the Fox Cities since 1990. Come and experience the benefits of receiving treatment from a family-owned, private practice physical therapy clinic. You have the choice in providers, and do not need a referral from a primary care physician to visit us for a free comprehensive screening.  


At Fox Valley Physical Therapy we are committed to providing quality physical therapy, occupational therapy and athletic training for personal, sports, and work related injuries. Fox Valley Physical Therapy was voted the number one private practice, BEST of Winnebago County by our community members.


Our skilled professionals utilize a variety of treatment modalities, techniques, and programs to provide each patient with a personalized physical or occupational therapy experience.  Our therapists provide treatment by using hands-on, manual therapy as well as modalities and therapeutic exercise customized to each individual patient need.  Early intervention, patient education, and appropriate treatment are equally important in restoring a pain- free, full functioning state.



Fox Valley Physical Therapy provides services that are part of an integrated approach to treating your precise needs including pain control, restoration of movement, and return to normal overall function. If you are undecided if physical therapy will help you, call us today for a free screening. We will provide an assessment to help determine if physical therapy treatment will be beneficial for your individual needs. Our unique working relationships with the most sought after physicians in this area allows us to expedite referrals if necessary speeding your recovery saving you time and money.

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Flexible appointment hours are offered to accommodate busy schedules. On average, appointments last about an hour and include modalities, hands-on manual therapy, and therapeutic exercise customized to each patient's needs


All new patients will receive a comprehensive evaluation within 24-48 hours of their referral. For your convenience, the medical history form and new patient questionnaire have been made available to you so you can fill them out before the day of your appointment. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your initial evaluation.

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