Professional Full Body Therapeutic Stretching & Manual Therapy

Learn to love stretching and its benefits!

Fox Valley Physical Therapy is offering professional, individualized stretching and manual therapy sessions for those seeking relief of muscle aches and pains secondary to work posture, athletics, exercise induced pain/strains, or stress related muscle tension, joint tightness from previous injuries and surgery

Beneficial For All Ages

Pediatrics/ Students, Office/Desk Employee, Senior Citizens, Runners, Golfers, Bikers, New Moms

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NO Referral Necessary

NO Electronic Medical Records

Don't let your insurance and out of pocket expenses control your life and well-being!

Cost ($)

55 Minutes
30 Minutes

50 Minute Session Includes

  • 5 Minutes of medical history and general physical screening
  • 45 Minutes Stretching, combining manual therapy, neural stretching, myofascial release, soft tissue work and home instruction

*ice/heat/ultrasound/electrical stimulation available with additional cost

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