Prehabilitation is the process of optimizing physical functionality preoperatively to enable the individual to maintain a normal level of function during and following surgery.  Prehabilitation training can be a combination of aerobic exercises, specific strength training, and functional task training to suit individual needs.  The therapists at Fox Valley Physical Therapy specialize in preparing you and your body for surgery.                                                         

Cancer Prehab

Cancer patients who do rehabilitation before they begin treatment may recover more quickly from surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Prehabilitation is commonly associated with orthopedic operations; e.g. knee and hip replacements and cardiac procedures. Now there’s a growing interest in using prehab in cancer care as well to prepare for treatment and minimize some of the long-term physical impairments that often result from treatment.

It seems intuitive that people’s health during and after invasive surgery or a toxic course of chemotherapy or radiation can be improved by being as physically and psychologically fit as possible going into treatment. Research to examine the benefits of prehab continues to show positive results.


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