Exercise Helps Prevent Back Pain

Exercise helps prevent back pain! 

Recent studies found that combining exercise with professional guided education provides a 45% reduction in the risk for low back pain! Additionally, exercise was found to reduce sick leave time for low back pain by 78%.

Keep in mind, consistency is key! Researchers found that the risk reduction benefits of exercise for low back pain “disappeared” after 1 year, due to the individuals discontinuing their exercise programs.

Fox Valley Physical Therapy not only offers physical therapy to reduce your low back pain, but we offer personal training as well! Call to schedule your free consultation at (920) 235-8966 or talk to your doctor about receiving a referral for physical therapy. Let us help you get back to living a pain free lifestyle! 💪😁

*consult with your doctor or physical therapist before performing any of the following images
(for more information visit www.apta.org)

Josie completing a pelvic tilt. These are fundamental in building core stability!

*for demonstrative purposes only

Lindsey demonstrating an advanced exercise while lunging with a physio-ball to increase core activation; you could progress this exercise with rotation. 

*for demonstrative purposes only

Josie completing a prone press-up. These help maintain proper back mechanics!

*for demonstrative purposes only

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