Aquatic Therapy

Amazing Aquatic Therapy Services

Fox Valley Physical Therapy & Wellness Clinic is the only clinic in the area that offers aquatic therapy and exercise.

Effectively Treat Your Pain

Aquatic Therapy is a proven method to effectively treat many injuries and illnesses. The warm water in the pool creates a relaxing enviroment that diminishes muscle soreness, tightness restoring  mobility and strength to your aching muscles and joints.

Benefits of Using Aquatic Therapy

  • Buoyancy allows for less pressure  through joints during exercise
  • Decrease muscle spasms (relax muscles)
  • Decrease effects of arthritis
  • Increase blood flow (vasodilation)
  • Decrease effects of fibromyalgia
  • Decrease inflammation (hydrostatic  pressure)
  • Increase proprioception (coordination)                         

Manual Therapy with Aquatic Therapy = Improved Movement

Hands-on manual therapy in combination with aquatic therapy in our heated therapy pool will loosen tight, sore tissues improving joint range of motion allowing you to return to normal function quickly.


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