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Fox Valley Physical Therapy is the only private practice in the area that offers a therapy pool.  Aqua therapy is beneficial in a variety of ways.  One, buoyancy assists in supporting body weight so there is less pressure through joints during exercise.  Also, the pool is kept at a comfortable temperature between 90˚to 96˚F which offers many therapeutic benefits.


Aquatic therapy is a great adjunct to hands-on therapy that you will receive from your therapist.  Our therapy pool is 5 feet deep with bench seats as well as massaging jets.  If you have been apprehensive to exercise secondary to pain, our pool will be great for you.  We begin with very basic exercises and progress exercises as tolerated.

Fox Valley Physical Therapy & Wellness Clinic is the only clinic in the area that offers this service. Take advantage of the therapy pool.

Amazing Aquatic Therapy Services

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Manual therapy with aquatic therapy -  “a great combination “

  • Decrease muscle spasms (relax muscles)

  • Increase proprioception (joint awareness)

  • Increase blood flow (vasodilation)

  • Decrease effects of fibromyalgia

  • Decrease inflammation (hydrostatic  pressure)

  • Decrease effects of arthritis

Benefits of using the aquatic therapy method

Aquatic therapy is a proven method to effectively treat many injuries and illnesses. The warm water in the pool creates a relaxing atmosphere that helps restore mobility and strength to your aching muscles and joints. Call us today to schedule a visit.

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